All orders are shipped with Free Worldwide Shipping!

Due to repercussions from COVID-19, the postal workforce has been reduced.  Order delivery is delayed past what is normally expected.

We're currently seeing most packages delivered in 7-10 days.

Given the unpredictability of day-to-day impact, though, this can shift for any given order.  Some orders are taking 14+ days to arrive at their destination doorstep.

Also, due to halted flights, we are currently unable to deliver to Singapore, Brazil, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, and Chile.

Tracking Information will be provided for all packages.

Please bear in mind that international shipping does not update as frequently or in the same way that domestic shipping does.  There may be large gaps in tracking while the package is en route to the destination country.

This does not indicate an issue with or loss of the package, only that the package has not yet been scanned into the receiving port of entry.  Once the next update occurs, the package will normally be delivered in short order.